Cater­na The new dig­i­tal ambly­opia therapy

The Caterna Vision Therapy is an innovative visual training supplementary to occlusion therapy for children with amblyopia or lazy eye.

Easy from home

The Cater­na ther­a­py can eas­i­ly be inte­grat­ed in the dai­ly life at it is played from the com­fort of your home at your lap­top or pc.

Innovative stimulation

Spe­cial wave pat­terns in the back­ground of the online games stim­u­late the con­nec­tion between brain and eye and the weak eye gets trained.

Medically certified

Cater­na has be devel­oped at the tech­ni­cal uni­ver­si­ty in Dres­den and test­ed sci­en­tif­i­cal­ly. Addi­tion­al­ly it is a cer­ti­fied med­ical prod­uct Made in Germany.

What is the Caterna Vision Therapy

The Cater­na Ther­a­py is pre­scribed in addi­tion to the occlu­sion ther­a­py (patch­ing of the dom­i­nant eye) in order to stim­u­late the brain to re-estab­lish the con­nec­tion between brain and eye. The train­ing con­sists of online games that are played at home in front of the PC while wear­ing the eye patch.

A spe­cial wave pat­tern in the back­ground of the games stim­u­lates the brain to acti­vate the weak eye again. In this way, the vision in the weak eye will improve dur­ing a 90 day ther­a­py peri­od. A dai­ly ther­a­py dura­tion of between 30 and 45 min­utes is required. The excit­ing Cater­na video games are played on the home PC dur­ing the occlu­sion time. The child can choose from 9 dif­fer­ent games  with dif­fer­ent lev­els depend­ing on age and skills.

Hav­ing fun while play­ing the Cater­na games is an excel­lent moti­va­tion to stick to the occlu­sion ther­a­py. Your child will improve his/her vision in the ambly­opic eye faster and more effec­tive­ly, with more fun!

Your benefits at a glance

  • Easy and com­fort­able from home
  • Sup­ple­men­tary to occlu­sion ther­a­py (patch­ing)
  • The occlu­sion diary improves the moti­va­tion for patching
  • Cer­ti­fied med­ical prod­uct class 1 (EU)
  • Choose from a selec­tion of 9 dif­fer­ent games
  • The con­nec­tion between weak eye and the brain is stimulated

How the therapy works

The online ther­a­py can eas­i­ly be done from home. All you need is a reg­u­lar PC or lap­top and a sta­ble inter­net con­nec­tion. There is no need for an install­ment, since the games work online. The dis­play of your PC should be 10″, for opti­mal results.

After you bought your access for the vision ther­a­py, we will cus­tomize the pro­gram to your needs and you will receive an email with your login data. For your secu­ri­ty all data are encrypt­ed and anonymous.

In a dai­ly rou­tine, your child is play­ing 30 to 45 min­utes, here­by each ses­sion can also be split. While play­ing the games the child is wear­ing the eye-patch. Depend­ing on the age and the mood, your child can choose between nine dif­fer­ent and excit­ing games.

For Whom is Caterna For?

The Cater­na ther­a­py was devel­oped for kids with lazy eye and is rec­om­mend­ed if occlu­sion (patch­ing) does not have the desired effect. This is the case in about 30% of all cas­es. Rea­sons can be the depth of the ambly­opia or a lack of compliance.

The inno­v­a­tive visu­al train­ing sup­ple­ments and accel­er­ates the occlu­sion ther­a­py. It is used from 4–6 years of age. Ide­al­ly Cater­na is start­ed before going to school, but also old­er chil­dren ben­e­fit from the training.

Suitable for Caterna

  • Diag­nosed amblyopia
  • When patch­ing is not enough
  • Chil­dren from 4 to 12 years
  • The child is not wear­ing the patch as rec­om­mend­ed (com­pli­ance problems)
  • Time con­straints, such as when in a hur­ry due to becom­ing a school kid

Not suitable for Caterna

  • Epilep­sy

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